Bill Allen '64

Bill '64 and Claudia Allen

Bill '64 and Claudia Allen

When considering a legacy gift to Dunn School, Willis (Bill) Allen, Class of 1964, did not want to just leave a financial gift. He also hopes to leave a hint of the values and belief that he took with him from his first Dunn experience as well as those since 1964.

His parents, Tony Dunn and the Dunn School faculty played a major role in establishing his value system that he would carry with him for the rest of his life. The Dunn experience taught more than just what was to be learned in the classroom. When asked, he stated some of the teachings as faith, discipline, respect, organization, time management, and generally how to get along with others in a somewhat confined environment.

Bill came back to Dunn and served on the Board of Trustees for 10 years, he is also a past recipient of the Alumni of the Year Award. He and his wife Claudia, a Smithsonian National Board Alumni member, live in La Jolla, California. They own the Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages in San Diego and operate Allen Airways Flying Museum. 

Bill states that "being an alumni of Dunn School carries a very special honor with it and we would encourage all the alumni and students to support Dunn as they are able to."